Crucifaction is a Gothic Industrial dance night. We have three regular DJs and have guest spots. Our current line up is:
DJ DarkSonic, and DJ Rota.

Open every first and third Wednesdays at King of Clubs we offer drink specials, free entry, and ample seating and dance space.

We spin for you the best Industrial, EDM, and Future Pop. Our goal is to expose you to the best Gothic Industrial music around!

NEXT SHOW: 08/31

Goth Events & Community?

Death Guild every Monday at The DNA Lounge in San Francisco. While this is not a South Bay event, it is the true Goth Mecca. If you can go, you should. Cover, Pricey Drinks, Amazing experience.

Weirdly, Tuesday is dead.

Every 1st & 3rd 9-2am No Cover

Punk + Industrial every Wednesday Tooth & Nail at Jonny Vs Downtown San Jose. Friend of Cruci, Robert Mortis to guest 05/18!

Hanging Garden Radio Show
Every Thrusday at 12 to 2pm (PST) DJ Davey Bones airs on bff.com radio. Tune in to hear guests, interviews, and great darkwave / retro goth music!

Club Apparition amazingly every f*ing Thursday, ghost host DJ NECROMOS is your guide to the old school goth / gothic industrial. 10pm to close, usually no cover.


ONE TIME ONLY! 08/28 A Night of Industrial / EBM / Aggrotech / Retro-Classic Industrial. 9:30pm - 1:30am, 21 & Up, No Cover. 11-12 Power Hour($3 wells, $4 tallboys).

We Play Requests!

Send us any Gothic, Industrial, EDM, Future Pop, AgroTek tracks that you would love to hear played really loudly. If you are not sure, send it anyway and we will give any request a fair chance.

When you get to the club, swing by the DJ booth to say hello, and we will do our bests to queue your request, and we swear to photoshopped baby jesus we wont sell your email address.

* required

Funny Pictures?

Crucifaction is a Gothic Industrial dance club. With that in mind, we are about having a good time, and some laughs while this short life burns like a fuse. To that end we have created a bunch of 'photoshoped' "Cruci-faces"!

We do Pop-culture, Newsworthy People, Goth celebrity, Popular memes and more! They all get put on the cross for your amusement! We are always accepting new ideas for these. If you want a sample of what you can expect, Click here.

Listen for yourself!

Features Coming!

We now deliver DJ Mortefina directly into your headphones! DOWNLOAD her set directly from this website! Check back for more features to come, such as calendar(DONE!), and maybe a forum!
-Webmaster Rota

This is version 1.3 right here. "Third floor, Indulgent Hedonism!"